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Hunting Information

Peel Forest Safaris hunt across several million acres of private and public land, from big forested high fenced game estates through to free range, rugged mountainous high alpine terrain. By having sole rights to a range of private land we are able to select a hunt that best caters to your fitness and hunting needs. It also ensures you’re hunting quality animals, resulting in a world class hunt.

Try a free range walk up hunt or helicopter drop off, with a spike camp set up in our beautiful Southern Alps. Once the animals are harvested, the helicopter is just a satellite phone call away!

Game we Hunt

Red Stag


  • This is a New Zealand special and one that roars like a lion!
  • Great antlers that vary with each animal. Red Stag can weigh up to 450lbs.
  • A great animal to watch roaring and fighting over the supremacy of the Hinds (female).

Himalayan Tahr


  • The Himalayan Tahr is an amazing species of Mountain goat.
  • They weigh up to 250lbs, live high up in the Southern Alps and love to climb high on sheer mountain walls.



  • Chamois are a member of the Antelope family, weighing approximately 90-120lbs.
  • Their speed, eyesight and agility make them an interesting animal to hunt.

Fallow Deer


  • Fallow Deer weigh 120-150lbs, and vary in colour from pure white to black,
    through to dapple fawn with spots.
  • Their antlers are moose like.



  • The largest of the deer species in New Zealand, was introduced in 1905.
  • Most of the trophies score in the high 300s. They are a great spot and stalk hunt.

Your Guides



Guide experience in New Zealand, Heli-hunting specialist and SCI Master Measurer



Guide experience in New Zealand, North America, Australia, Bow-hunting specialist



Guide experience in New Zealand, North America, Europe and a keen videographer



Guide experience in New Zealand, Free Range specialist (Chamois & Tahr)



Guide experience in New Zealand, Pig hunting specialist.

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